Data Freeze not always working

Moto G Plus
1GB Data/Talk/Text

Issue Description

I have had Data Freeze active on my phone since Jul 23. Yesterday, Jul 28, I had one app (Amazon Alexa) use 188 MB of cellular data. I am sure it occurred during a short video chat with my family–while on a Wi-Fi connection. With Data Freeze, there should be no cellular data loss like this.
What happened? I would prefer to not have to go into the airplane mode just to be sure that my video chats are occurring on Wi-Fi only.

Hi @davidw.ctd2jy,

Is it possible you have Data Saver turned on and not Data Freeze? :thinking:
See if these articles help :slight_smile:

Note: When Data Freeze is on it has a little “key” icon on the top of your screen.

I definitely have Data Freeze turned on in the Republic app, and no, the key icon is not visible. I normally keep Data Freeze turned on and rarely see the key icon. As I understand it, the only time the key icon is visible is when there is no Wi-Fi, and cellular data is blocked with Data Freeze, except for the data RW uses.

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