Data Freeze on. Phone used all data


I fell asleep watching Netflix and now I have 0% Data left. How can this happen with me Data Freeze ON?

Data was used up when phone was on home Wifi
Data usage with Data Freeze activated

which phone?

and did you see the key icon ???


Does the Republic app show you where the data was used on that day?

I had a couple of occasions over the past 2 months where over 800 MB was drained without any mention in either the RW app or the Android app listing where the data went. I suspect that in one occasion it happened while Data Freeze was active. I started 2 tickets and the source of missing data was never resolved. I now use Data Freeze most of the time and only switch it off when I absolutely need the cellular data, and only switch it on when I’m sure that no background downloads are taking place.


I would recommend that you submit a help ticket


Moto Z play. And I do not see a key icon. I never have. I run the phone on Data Freeze all the time except for when I really need data on cell. It says it was used up on Netflix. I also have background data off for Netflix in case my wifi drops out.


When running Data Freeze on my G5+, I see the key sometimes, and other times not. There seems to be no consistency.


Hi @alycritter and @davidw.ctd2jy,

We are investigating some reports that certain third-party apps may actually disable data-freeze without any indication in the RW app that it is “off.”

If you do not see the key icon, it has likely been disabled. Please be sure the key icon is present when you need to be certain the Data Freeze feature is working.


I have noticed that the key is only visible when I turn Wi-Fi off while Data Freeze is active. When I turn Wi-Fi back on, the key disappears. I would need to check further to see if it happens when I lose a Wi-Fi signal.


I don’t understand how I can make sure the key is on. If something is disabling Data freeze then Data freeze is worthless and there is no way to preserve data.


The ‘key’ icon is the Android icon for a VPN, the function of the VPN code is used to set up an ‘internal VPN’ that will then allow the RW app to use data while other apps can’t.
So you would not expect to see the key icon if WiFi was active, and when it is not active, you may not see it until you attempt something that uses ‘data’ (other than RW call setup and messaging)
See: How to Enable Data Freeze in the Republic Wireless Application – Republic Help it provides a bit of this information


I understand how to turn the data freeze on. But it is not working. Is the solution to not use the phone for anything other than calls if the key doesn’t appear?


I would suggest you check the update above from @southpaw, she is Republic Wireless Staff, and it appears they are investigating the issue (with 3rd party apps)
You could help rule out an issue caused by an app by booting into Safe Mode for a period of testing


Hi @alycritter,

If you want to be certain that the phone is not consuming cellular data when you are on a Wi-Fi network, but you don’t see the “key” icon, you could put the phone into airplane mode and then re-enable Wi-Fi.


There are other 3rd party apps you can use, which may or may not suffer the same issue as the Data Freeze option. I personally use:


I’ve also noticed that data freeze has not been working for me lately (Moto Z play). I also happen to run another VPN service though (cyberghost). Could that have something to do with it?


I wouldn’t be surprised if Cyberhost VPN (an actual VPN service) would interfere with the Republic ‘Data Freeze’ in some way. They both utilize the Android VPN code, internal for RW and external for Cyberhost. I have no idea if the Android code can effectively support both at the same time.

  • You may want to check with the Cyberhost folks?
    • Or see the verified answer from @louisdi below !


It can not. That’s exactly the answer. The moment you activate the Cyberhost VPN, Data Freeze is inactive. It is not possible to have two VPNs active at the same time, even if one is local and one is real.


That makes sense, but as a user, it’s not super-clear that Data Freeze uses VPN, and would therefore conflict / be circumvented by another active VPN service. It might be nice if the app was somehow able to detect that another VPN is active, and warn that data freeze is disabled by it. Or maybe even just not allow data freeze to be enabled at all, with the explanation that it’s not compatible with VPN services.


A big white pop up message from the Android OS comes up when u first activate the feature in the R.W. App to tell you that it is a VPN and you must give it permission to monitor your activity before the feature activates . That is a pretty clear indicator to me. There really isn’t anyway to make it more obvious or clear.


Here is the reference from Republic … Why Doesn't Data Freeze Work After Using a VPN? – Republic Help