Data Hasn't reverted back to 0


So I have a Data plan that lets me have 4 Gigs of Data each month. And I was charged for this month but my data didn’t reset to 0. Do I have to use up my data and THEN it’ll reset or did something happen


Hi @muhammada.6a0z2l!

So how much data left does the Republic app show?



Oh OK it says 3.4 GB left on the app but when I check the cellular data on the flip down menu it says 1.01 GB left


Try rebooting it to see if it updates. As long as the Republic app says you have the correct amount, there isn’t much to worry about ;).



Be sure to check that the Android settings cycle is set to the same range as your actual billing cycle with RW.

You can change it by going to Settings -> Data Usage -> Tap on the date range
And then tap on Change Cycle

Also, note that the Android settings reports the data already used while
the RW app reports the remaining data on the top of the Cell Data tab, but
data used at the bottom.

The Android settings should be higher by a small amount as it includes the data usage for the Republic Wireless App…but you are not charged for this and therefore it is not included in the data usage reported by the RW app

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