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Phone Brand: Motorola
Phone Model: X
Phone Generation: First Gen
Plan: Refund
Plan Option:

##Issue Description

My plan starts with .5 GB of data. That’s usually all I need, but occasionally I do buy an extra half gig the last week of the month and then get a refund for what I don’t use.

The other day I buy this extra half gig after running out. It never even registers in my Republic app that I have bought it. I then go into the app and buy another half gig, thinking that maybe I goofed up the first order or the Republic app shorted out on me. No luck. Available data never leaves 0. I also show my active apps have only used my basic half gig for this bill cycle so far.

But then I finally get connectivity when I get home to my WIFI. I find the two billing emails from Republic saying I did indeed buy the extra data.

Something’s wrong and my help ticket has been sitting in the queue since yesterday when they tried to tell me everything looked fine. Fine = I can’t buy more data right now because I’m afraid it’s gonna get sucked up into some vacuum again.

I haven’t installed new apps recently and keep most disabled on the cell network anyway. As it is, the cell networks appear to throttle our LTE speeds because downloading has never been quick. So even “if” there was something wrong with my phone, I can’t believe a half gig would instantly go poof twice without me so much as being able to connect to my email server.

Been a Republic household since the beginning. I hope these guys aren’t starting to slip in their CS.



Sorry to hear about your unfortunate loss of data!

If you open the Republic app > tap the cell signal icon at the top > tap again at the bottom of the next screen > what apps do you see in the list below the chart as having used a bunch of data this cycle?

Are there any surprises there?



No surprises. Shows my usual apps (chrome, Reddit, LinkedIn) with amounts commensurate with having used my basic half gig. As I said, I disable everything else on cell. Overall usage says a half gig as well.



Hi @stanucz,

I’ve reviewed your ticket and I see that Alex provided several troubleshooting steps for you to follow. In your response, I don’t see any indication whether you’ve taken those steps.
This means when someone gets back to your ticket, they won’t be able to move forward with next steps.

Could you please look back through the response from Alex and confirm in the ticket which steps were taken and what the results were?



Thanks for pointing out the extra ideas in the ticket. I immediately did the first couple things yesterday before the CS response started seeming like dummy instructions on how to see my data usage. So I didn’t make it to the later suggestions.

I’d recommend a different layout on this formatted laundry list of fixes. Especially if reading on a phone, it’s easy to not realize the breadth of the list.

Maybe a condensed link list earlier in the response so the silly user like me doesn’t say “done that” too soon.

Regardless, re-installing the app appears to have helped!


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