Data is grayed out or has small x

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Moto G7

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Hi! Quite often when I am trying to use my phone, it will say LTE or 3G, but also have a small x on the icon on the top of the phone. Other times LTE or 3G will be grayed out. This occurs in places where I should have a data connection, sometimes it solves itself ina few minutes, other times it doesn’t and I won’t be able to use my data. I’m a DoorDasher and it is quite frustrating when I have to sit in a parking lot for 20 minutes because my data connection doesn’t work in areas where I clearly should have LTE.

Does anyone know why this is? Or if there is any way to fix it? When researching this issue online, one solution that was proposed was to go into the APNs and select a different one. This sometimes works, but I feel like I shouldn’t have to do this just to be able to use my phone.

Any help is greatly appreciated as this is causing me to lose out on income while DoorDashing.

Turn mobile data on…

Have you checked the coverage available from the other carrier that Republic partners with? Often Sprint (CDMA) users find better coverage with T-Mobile (GSM) and vice a verse. Check which is best for the area you are covering, then get the right SIM

It is on

Thanks! I looked at the coverage maps and they are both very similar with great coverage. I live in a fairly major city (Grand Rapids, Michigan). My phone has a CDMA SIM.

Any idea what else might be going on. I’m tempted to reset the phone, but I’m not sure I want to go through all the hassle.

Run the diagnostics test in Republic app Help tab

Hi @kurth.rk2odg,

I’d hold off on the factory reset. I would try this first:

Everything comes back good

Any instructions for Andriod 10?

Well, the “x” means that either the cell data is off, or you used it all up, or it’s not otherwise available – perhaps you’re looking at a tower / signal problem, and trying another location, or time of day, will define the problem as tower related…

If the problem is tower traffic / loading, then it might be worth trying the other (GSM or CDMA) SIM, because the coverage maps are not a very good / accurate indicator of very local / actual coverage – especially as related to day of week, time of day, elevation, or building shielding.

Good luck…

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It looks likes like everything is up to date. I don’t see a specific cellular update profile. When I follow the instructions it says your software is up to date. and give the Android Version.

Just for clarity’s sake. Once data is used an x does NOT appear in the bar. The x indicates that data is unavailable from the tower you’re connected to or disabled. It does not indicate anything about whether you have any data left on your plan. Now, back to the troubleshooting.

After completing step 8 in the previously linked Help Center document, you should see the following choices:

If you’re not seeing those choices, please try the guidance linked here:

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I don’t see that when I follow the instructions, but I did the second procedure.

I’ll see if that solves the issue and provide an update in 1-2 days.

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I’ve tried it after resetting the cellular settings for almost a week now and still frequently I have either a grayed out 3G or LTE or a small x in the signal status and no data connection.

I’m going to request a GSM SIM from Republic and see if that makes any difference.

I have a G Power, running A10. I have very poor coverage in and around my home, and i get the small “x” when indoors. As soon as I get out to the street, the “x” goes away, the triangle starts to fill, and I get the LTE indicator.

Don’t confuse this with data being turned off. You just don’t have a good signal from the tower.


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