Data Lift: A limited-time data option for My Choice members finding they need more cellular data due COVID-19

On March 19 our CEO wrote to our members with news about options we are making available as we all face the changes brought upon us by the COVID-19 pandemic.

At the time we had only the details about a limited-time, deeper discount for our Annual Payment Option.

We’re pleased to share with you today another option available for our My Choice members who find that they need more data than usual during this difficult time.

Data lift: Add unlimited data for this billing month for $20

As our members spend more time at home, we are seeing significantly higher use of Wi-Fi for calling, a fact that confirms that Republic Wireless members, true to our Wi-Fi-first heritage, have Wi-Fi available in their homes.

However, some members have let us know that they do have a need for additional, affordable cellular data at this time. After collaboration with both of our cellular carrier partners, we have been able to build a package intended to offer those members an option to address this need.

My Choice subscribers with monthly, recurring cellular data and My Choice Talk and Text subscribers who have added at least 1 GB of one-time data during the current billing cycle now have an option to add a one-time unlimited data purchase for $20. See Instructions.

This option is not available for Republic 1.0, 2.0 or iPhone BETA plans.

Important info:

  • System limitations require that high-speed cellular data be limited to a total of 30 GB per billing cycle. You will see a 30 GB limit when you make the purchase and in the app. We will be monitoring data use and will override that limit as members reach it. Siince this is a manual process, it’s possible we could miss someone. If you consume 30 GB and no longer have access to data, please open a Help Ticket so we can manually override that limit.
  • This is a one-time data purchase. On your next monthly billing date, your plan will renew with your usual data amount. You will not be automatically billed for unlimited data on the next billing date.
  • This non-refundable purchase goes into effect immediately upon purchase. There may be a small amount of time for the order to process, but the data is added within a few minutes.
  • This data expires on your next monthly billing date. Please do not make this purchase if you have just a few days left in your current billing month.
  • The option requires a My Choice plan with cellular data. This includes those with recurring monthly cellular data as well as those with a one-time cellular data purchase in the same billing cycle as the Data Lift purchase. You will not see this option if you only have the Talk and Text plan with no data; you would have to first add data for the option to become available.
  • This offer must be purchased by April 19, 2020 at 11:59 p.m. PT. This is not a new plan offer to look for three months, or six months, or a year down the road. This is a limited-time offer available only in response to the circumstances our members are facing as our nation overcomes the threat of COVID-19.
  • Certain discounts apply. If you currently enjoy the BETA Member Service discount or the Educator’s Discount, your discount will apply to this purchase and you will see that discount in the order summary.

Terms and Conditions
The offer (“Offer”) is available for one billing cycle only. Offer one per phone line. Eligible Participants must choose and pay for the Offer by or on April 19th at 11:59 p.m. PT. Eligible Participants are as follows: You must be on a Republic Wireless “My Choice” Plan with at least 1GB of cellular data already included or have purchased at least 1GB of cellular data in the month in which you sign up for the Offer (1.0 and 2.0 Republic Wireless customers are not eligible). The Offer is as follows: For twenty ($20) dollars (this amount is in addition to your normal My Choice Plan charges), plus taxes and telecom fees, you can choose to purchase the Offer, which will provide you with up to 30GB of high speed cellular data for one billing cycle period (data after 30GB may be slowed). Unused data can not be rolled over and will be lost. The Offer is only valid for one billing cycle and can not be renewed for any subsequent billing cycles. At the end of the Offer period, you will be returned to the My Choice Plan you were on prior to purchasing the Offer. Republic reserves the right to modify or cancel this offer at any time. Learn more.


Thank you :blush::kissing_heart::heart: yeeehaaaa.
Usually use under 1 GB data/month. Lost my internet connection when the county, country shut down and used average of 1GB every 3 days trying to stay sane indoors.
So thank you very much. Yet another reason I :heart: Republic Wireless!!!


My mother gets the government supplied assurance, and she got all that free, even Comcast is giving away data overages and crediting people, it’s a bit shameful to be touting a paid upgrade during this pandemic.

Hi @damaged,

What I’m about to say isn’t intended to sound argumentative. In my opinion, it’s a bit unfair to compare Republic to Comcast or government funded programs. Both are orders of magnitude larger with commensurate resources than those available to a relatively small company like Republic.

The reality is Republic doesn’t own or otherwise control a cellular network. It negotiated with its cellular network partners to make this offer possible, however, I doubt the result of those negotiations was said cellular network partners making the data available for free to Republic to then give away to its members.

At the end of the day, it does me no good as a member if in attempting to be helpful during these extraordinary circumstances, Republic manages to put itself out of business.

My understanding remains is if a member has a hardship due to COVID-19 which this or other offers does not address, Republic is willing to work with individual members if they open a help ticket.


For clarity, Assurance is offering a extra 6 GB lump of data good until May 20. In many cases these lifeline plans are the only connectivity low income families have.

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Many thanks to the folks at Republic Wireless for this generous uplift for those that need it during these times.

  • We as ‘members’ can do our part by ensuring we utilize the function that Republic led the industry with their 'WiFi First blended service. Hopefully we can reduce their cost in providing continuing service to all of us.
    • To that end I recently published some WiFi Help - Internet connectivity - COVID-19 and the current times A suggestion I received from an Republic Employee that outlines the Diagnostic available has been added.
    • If anyone needs help in getting their WiFi/Internet up to its best just respond to the WiFi Help link above … there are many fellows members that can assist you.
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