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I need a plan for 12-year old where I can control the amount of data use. I think I understand there is a hard stop when you use up the data you’ve got in your monthly plan, but that you can add data on a one-time basis or upgrade your plan - right over the phone. I need to be able to prevent the 12-year old from doing that. Is there a code or password that is necessary for such add or upgrade that I can control / hide? He will do what he ■■■■ well pleases.

He would need the account owner’s login credentials (username and password to do so.

To some, that might raise the question as to whether the 12-year old in question is sufficiently mature for a smartphone?

With Republic, there’s also no requirement one purchase cellular data at all. Details here: Cell Phone Plans – Republic Wireless. That said, any smartphone may access the Internet wherever WiFi is publicly available. Is the issue of control a matter of the cost of cellular data or Internet access itself?

He is not. The other parent involved is making this call - despite my having voiced my opinion.

Understood and more than fair enough.

Hi @jamesb.rkvjoe,

While you can use securely-kept login credentials to prevent this young man from purchasing more cellular data, that’s not going to limit his all of his data use - since the phone can be used on Wi-Fi as well.

If your concern is simply the cost, the information @rolandh has shared is your answer.
If your concern the actual amount of screen time exposure, you may need to look for a parental control app.

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Thanks. I’m primarily concerned about the cost. His mother will take up the fight with him about screen time. It’s a daily thing with the iPad, chromebook, and idiot YouTube TV shows. Sigh, kids these days . . . .

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Pretty sure that’s what my parents said about me, and my grandparents said about my parents.

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No doubt. But can the culture get any stupider than it is now? I suppose so, then my boy will be able to say the same thing.

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