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I have a Motorola 5s Plus. I have the unlimited talk and text plan. The phone is new to me. I just bought the $5.00 for 1 GB deal. I got the confirmation e-mail from republic saying that my purchase has been processed and is ready for immediate use. For some reason, I am unable to get data when I am away from a wifi connection…even when my phone says that I have cell service. Also, not sure if this matters, but there is “E” next to connection bars at the top of my phone…is there something that i need to “turn on” in order to use the data?

Hi @joshuap.uogr62,

The “E” in your status icons means that your cellular data connection is a very low-speed connection. You might see E-mail notifications, but the service in your location will not be fast enough to support surfing the internet.

Would you mind sharing your Zip code so we can examine your coverage and determine whether a different SIM card might improve your connectivity situation?

Thanks for your response. I appreciate you looking into this! 45327

Hi @joshuap.uogr62,

It does look to me like we could improve your coverage experience with a different SIM card. Would you please open a ticket with our support team and provide the information as requested in this help article:

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