Data not showing accurately



What phone do you have? Samsung Galaxy S6

What plan are you on? My Choice + 1GB

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Data

On Monday of this week (12/3/18) my Republic Wireless app was showing that I had used 1.3GB of data on only the third day of my billing cycle and had no data left, despite the fact that I was home most of the weekend and on Wi-Fi a majority of the time as well as having a plan that only provides 1GB of data. My data usage was all attributed to “other data”. However, for the next couple days I had no problems using the internet or anything else that required data. About an hour ago I had no problems using my phone but then started getting a notice that I don’t have a wireless connection even though I have been in the same place all morning. My Republic Wireless app also shows that I now have 1.0GB left and have not used any data for the month. I have not purchased any additional data since I first noticed problems. Any ideas what is going on here?


I saw something similar, where it said I had used 650+ MB in the first day of the billing cycle, 640 MB of which was “other data”. I had texted some photos over the weekend, but not the day that it said I used all that data so I’m not sure what is going on here either.


I have had a similar issue.

For those doing research it may be related to the issue from this post:


Hi @loganm.rjyhaq, @markg.fknbyu and @ryanl.aorkvm,

We’re rolling out a fix right now for an issue that is impacting a set of members, and it looks like you may be in that set.

I’ll reply here once the fix is fully implemented, and you can let me know whether that has resolved it for you.


Hi @loganm.rjyhaq, @markg.fknbyu, and @ryanl.aorkvm,

We did roll out a fix for the issue you were seeing. Is your data usage now showing correctly in the Republic Wireless app?


So far it appears to be. Thank you.


Yes. My data is now showing correctly. Thank you.


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