Data not working on a 5.0 plan

Hi Southpaw

I was wondering if you could review my ticket as well. I have had a hurrible experience. ticket ([#2198646]

First I ordered a new sim on my current account, then had activation issues, so I had to create a new account and pay again. This time I was able to get activated. No refunds.

Now only phone and text messages work. There is absolutely no data. Apparently it is a known issue but I don’t see this reflected on the dashboard and support would not give me a ticket number. But it has been almost a week, and the phone only works at my home with wifi. Unusable and Still no refund.

Also, MMS does not work either. I’m not sure what the problem is.

I’ve been with republic for several years so I’m trying to hang in there, but I won’t be able to much longer without data or MMS.

Thank you

Hi @ApexMom,

I noticed you mentioned your pending refunds twice. Please allow us some patience on those. We will make sure your billing is fair. There’s a small billing team working through a lot of refund requests.

For your data and MMS issue, I notice that last night you were sent the same instructions I would have started with. Have you followed the instructions here, yet?

If you have, could please share screenshots so we can look over the APN entries you’ve created?

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Thank you. Updating the APN settings fixed the MMS issue and I now have data. How did I miss this, is it part of the activation process?

I’m afraid it’s not an obvious enough part of the activation process, though it is mentioned in the “Welcome to Republic Wireless” e-mail. You’re not the only person who has missed it, and I’ll make sure the teams responsible for what users see on the website as they activate their phones are aware it is far too easy to miss.

I’m glad everything is working for you now.


I had setup the apn settings (the first and fourth, it wouldn’t let me save #2 or #3 due to the “carrier doesn’t support ims or dun” message) and data/mms was working until I ran out of my 1GB of data. Now MMS doesn’t work at all. I don’t expect data to work, but MMS should still function.

You have a Pixel, correct?

With Republic’s previous proprietary platform, MMS would have continued working. MMS uses data. Historically, Republic whitelisted data used for MMS meaning it was included in the talk & text portion of one’s plan. Now, that Republic is using industry standard carrier network technology for 5.0, data used for MMS is no longer whitelisted, so once out of data MMS will not work. Republic was always an outlier on this. As far as I know, no other service provider provides data for MMS without charging for it.

Yeah, I have a Pixel 4a.

The data thing is news to me, but ok. It {redacted}, since I didn’t even want to switch to 5.0, but was forced to due to my new phone, but whatever.

I’m also unable to add data to my plan too…the new plan doesn’t have any clear way to add a one time gig of data.

I also get a “Sign in to Network” notification since the data ran out.