Data Notifications Re-enabled


Today we’re excited to share that we are re-enabling data notifications for members on Republic Refund (2.0) and Clear Choice (3.0) plans. These notifications will be displayed both on your phone and sent via email. Notifications for members on Republic 1.0 and Beta plans will remain unchanged at this time.

These notifications will remind you of how much data you’ve used and warn you if you’re close to reaching your limit.

You’ll receive notifications when you’ve used 75%, 90%, 95%, and 100% of your data for a monthly bill cycle. Each notification will have different information and actions you can take to make sure you don’t run out of data unexpectedly.

We’re also adding information about your data usage to your monthly bill. Account owners will now be able to see how much data each line on their account has used, right from their invoice.

If you already know that you need more data, you don’t have to wait for a notification. You can easily upgrade your plan or add more data on your own through the Republic Wireless app.

Members on Clear Choice (3.0) plans

You can upgrade your plan at any time by following the instructions here.

Members on Republic RefundTM (2.0) plans

You can easily add more data to your plan by following the instructions here.