Data Only Plan: Feedback Requested!


That would be $5 per GB and I doubt RW is considering a data rollover.



Not sure what you are answering, PT, as I was asking DavidW about his tracfone plan.


I would not oppose this as long as we still have an option to use wifi for phone calls.
I live in Oregon, and T-Mobile signal is not ubiquitous through many areas. I have often made many long hours of phone calls using local wifi. There is no guarantee that Republic wifi everywhere will be established in remote areas anytime soon.
I’ve also appreciated “free phone calls” back to the US using the current Republic phone internationally as most hotels have wifi. If you changed over to data only, can I still call home to the US for “free” on wifi?


Hi @joeyn,

No one is proposing changing how the service works on a Republic phone. That would stay the same. The proposal, which may or may not come to fruition, would allow for use of a Republic data only SIM in a second device (non-activated phone, tablet, wearables like smartwatches, etc.)


One use that I can think of is for children. I tend to hand down my older phones to my children for them to use to play games, etc. Most of those haven’t been GSM phones, but I know that both mine and my wife’s current RW phones are. While I might not want to have to pay $15 to give the a RW phone line, I could imagine paying $5 for a data only plan that they could use. With an app like RW Anywhere or WhatsApp it could still be used to communicate with parents in an emergency.
(I realize that this kind of competes with your upcoming Relay product, but to be honest, I think most kids would prefer an older smartphone with some data over a Relay. I really want to like to idea of the Relay, but I don’t think the pricing is right on it)

Ideally, it would be flexible to turn off or increase data amounts. I’m thinking of travel times-- like a vacation week once a year where you’d use it a LOT more than other times.

  • My understanding is that you would need the My Choice plan to enable this function if/when it would be implemented


The point of this is that service would not have a phone number associated with it, it is a data only service. Today you could use something like Skype, Hangouts or another over 3rd party wifi calling App. Once Republic Anywhere with voice calling is out of beta you could then use it over data for your Republic number.


If republic anywhere was available on a smartwatch/wearable a secondary data only sim would be an excellent add-on.


Thanks for asking for feedback, Khalifa

I would be interested in this service and I know others who would be too.


Would a data only plan allow the use of Google Voice?


Yes, it would.


I would be interested.


I suspect the $5/GB per month would be great for a lot of folks. I could see using this a few months per year when traveling/etc to provide a data-connected device for the kids (using Dormi as a baby monitor, or even giving the kids access to Netflix from the road without affecting my own device)

another use case that would interest me would require selling non-expiring buckets of data. say $10-$20 per GB for data that remains available till it’s used up. I would use this to support some “internet of things” projects I’ve been working on. these projects generally power up the radio once per day, send a few kilobytes of data, then drop back into a low power “sensing” mode. none are fully complete just yet, but to get the point across here are some projects I’m working on:

  • water level sensing: detect beaver activity that might cause flooding of foot paths near our pond.

  • American chestnut monitor: I live in an old chestnut forest but the blight wiped them out long ago; shoots often spring up and some survive longer than others. measuring ambient light, humidity, noise (indicates nearby wildlife), soil pH, etc and correlating it to the age before blight wipes out the tree may help the various efforts to bring the trees back

these are good examples of low data usage applications. I know, I’m weird and this isn’t a mainstream scenario. but it’s the first thing to come to mind when I read this post.

I have other options. currently I’m prototyping with BTLE and with Dust Networks “SmartMesh”. both require extra nearby infrastructure (e.g. walking past BTLE nodes with my phone, or keeping all the smartmesh nodes in range of each other and having a gateway device on one end of the forest). LTE/HSPA/EDGE data would be easier, but I wouldn’t want to spend $5/month for each node with perhaps 25-50 nodes deployed ($125-$250/mo for maybe a few MB of data)


I would be interested in the Pay as You Go Plan. if it is initially available (potentially) to people on the $15 plan, would those users be allowed to later drop the $15 plan and only use the data only plan?


We’re not contemplating a rollover option, but we are considering a longer time period for the buckets. For example, you could purchase 12GB over 3 months allowing you to spread out usage over multiple months.


It may - today we’re constrained on how we setup new customers but if this plan is introduced and becomes popular we would consider data-only subscriptions. The pricing would be different for non-members.


I would use this, I have two tablets and a hotspot I would love to bring to RW.


Yes, I would be interested! With LTE-enabled notebook PCs becoming easily available, this would be a great addition to use when I’m on a roadtrip!


You certainly have my vote for this option, if the sim card can be installed in my ZTE hotspot device. As of now, I have no Republic/Sprint coverage on my Moto X (1st gen) at my favorite vacation spot. I end up purchasing data at $10/GB from your GSM partner. Having data for $5/GB from Republic would be great!


I can see uses for such a SIM (when Republic anywhere calling gets out of beta I could use an the other carrier partner to improve coverage when on a trip (CDMA is need at my work but some time there places I go where CDMA will be also roaming or non existent , having the GSM partner would help in these places