Data Only Plan: Feedback Requested!


Just seen in news. ZTE has ceased operations.


Just thought of one of a usage case for a data only SIM.

those cheapish, OBDII care hotspots or tracker things u can buy.
Though I have seen some “car connect” plans that are super cheap, as some of those device only need to use SMS to command and work.

I already have installed in my vehicle an expensive aftermarket Remote Start system that already includes Smartphone app support and location support (via Cell network) (CompuStart with DroneMobile).

However, for those that don’t, those OBDII trackers are easy to just to connect and even move between vehicles. Was thinking of getting one to put on my Grandfathers car as he seems to be forgetting where he is more and more and also can’t find his car in parking lots.

Such a device can also be used to monitor a Teen’s driving habits.


Possibly. We currently activate wireless on my wife’s iPad when we travel, through the Verizon “month-by-month” plan that only seems to be available on iPads. I might use this for my Android tablet.


That shouln’t prevent anyone from using existing ZTE products they already own. Just means you can’t buy a new one. I wonder what happens to any ZTE products that fail under warranty? Will they be repaired? replaced (with what?)?


I Probably wouldn’t upgrade my Republic service just to get a data-only sim, but I think it’s a good idea. Especially if it can be used only on-demand, as needed.


I am interested in the data-only sim. I have several phones this would work with and also a hotspot.


I am very interested and like the idea of current subscribers getting a deal with a data only sim card. Here is something you might be interested in…they remind me of your approach to marketing…research and logic…


No I would not upgrade. I have a Verizon hotspot device I would be interested in adding data
to connect my laptop. also interested in roll over or i would consider another carrier




I’ve wanted this for years.


Personally I don’t like either of the proposed options. I would love to be able to add my tablet to my RW plan, but I already use data so rarely on my phone that it wouldn’t be worth paying extra for my tablet.

I wish RW worked the same way as Porject Fi, with data devices all sharing the same data pool as the main phone account. This way I could keep paying my 1GB/month for my phone, but let my tablet take advantage of leftover data. This would also make it easier when traveling to bump the data of my main account instead of having to manage a tablet and phone separately.


Have you tried the available Mobile Hotspot? It can be found on the RW App under Data Tools, you just set up your phone as a Mobile Hotspot, (with a password) then you can login to the created WiFi network that you phone manages. See the Support Note: How to Enable Mobile Hotspot – Republic Help


I have used my phone as a hotspot before, but it would be much nicer to have my tablet connect to the cell networks itself. For me the advantages would be:

  • Backup. Having more than one device with internet access in case something happens to one of them.

  • Convenience. Not draining my phone’s battery as a hotspot, not needing to fiddle with turning the hotspot on and off all the time, and not needing to wory about keeping the two devices in range of each other.


I would be a new customer if you did this. I would bring more people for this plan.


I am considering changing to a carrier that offers Smart Watch Sim cards.


Hi @wanemec,

Could you tell us more? What watch do you have, and what kind of plan are you looking at? How much data a month do you think this watch would use?


I don’t have a watch yet but am being urged by my son to get some kind of alert device. aAwatch, not tied to Bluetooth, seem like the best option when I’m working in the yard and away from my cell.

I am a senior and as difficult as it is for me to accept, things are getting more difficult. Having a smart watch with me at all times sounds like thing to pursue.