Data only Sim in Moto g4 will not connect to computer

What phone do you have?

What plan are you on?

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?

Issue Description

We bought a republic data only sim, put it in a Moto g4 we weren’t using, set it up as a hot spot, works great with g5s phone s. Our computers (windows), cannot find the hotspot. What am I missing?

  • I would start with checking the working Moto G5S … Android Settings/Wi-Fi, the tap on the Network Name shown for the the connection to the Moto G4.
    • Make note of the Frequency and Security
  • Assuming your Windows 10, here is an article on How to Connect to WiFi
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I hate to ask an obvious question, but your computer does have a wifi card right? Many older desktops were designed only for wired connections and not wifi.

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Thanks for the repies. It turned out that the problem was when I set up the hotspot it asked if I wanted it to be 2.6g or 5g. I selected 5g like I have at home. Turns out the computer and tablet could not read 5g. Switched it to 2.6g and all good.

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