Data Overuse

My kids have 1G of data per month. They use their phones on the bus and such for about 45 minutes a day and don’t come close to running over the limit. This month we went of a 2 hour car drive and they somehow use up the whole G in one day!? How do I find out what they did differently so that they don’t run out of data on the first day again next month?

are you on the 2.0 Refund plans?

if so you may have run into a roaming area where data is used up at a rate of 18.3 that of native coverage

Hi @fermina29!

You can check what hogged all the data by opening the Republic App and checking under the cellular data tab. Also, keep in mind that each device has it down 1gb of data. The data is not shared by the devices. Although this does sound like a whole lot to go through in just two hours, my guess is that they probably streamed YouTube or something. YouTube just hogs data. Music streaming can also hog it. Anyway, you can view data usage in the Republic App . Hope that helps! Let us know when you found out what used it all!


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