Data purchase, not changing plan


I am on a 1GB plan, and will remain that way. But once or twice a year I need more than 1GB, and in that case I simply want to purchase more DATA, let’s say $10 for 1GB.

Last week, I went over 1GB and needed more for work, and the only option was to change PLAN to 2GB. And today, I changed back to 1GB plan.

Can you make DATA purchase possible, so that users don’t need to switch between PLANs?



That is the way data purchases occur. You change to the larger plan, which gets you the additional data. You can them immediately change back to the lesser plan because downgrades don’t occur until your next billing period.


Hi @jinwooj.8xdu0u,

It’s a great idea, and something we are aware of as a need. Making members take the extra step of downgrading after upgrading is not the ideal experience for what you intend as a one-time purchase.

Thanks for taking the time to let us know this improvement is something you’d like to see. It’s an improvement I’m eager to see implemented, as well.


In an attempt to gauge user desire I am adding a poll … your userid is not collected/or shown
This is not an official Republic Wireless Poll and I am not an employee

  • I would like to add 1GB one time, without the need to change plans (at all)
  • I would like to add 1GB one time, and let the system revert to my current plan
  • I am perfectly happy with the plan as it is

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The current plan pricing structure does not easily lend itself to the introduction of a 1GB purchase
as it all depends on which plan you are currently on

  1. From No data - $15 plan…1GB purchase is $5
  2. From 1GB - $20 plan…1GB purchase is $10
  3. From 2GB - $30 plan… 1GB (though not directly accessible)…if you need 1GB you have to buy a minimum of 2GBs for $15

I think the easier thing to implement would be an option within the plan change form…to return to original plan at the end of the current billing cycle…or continue on the upgraded plan. Problem with this model…is if you make more than one plan upgrades in the same billing cycle…it can confuse the system as to what is considered “original” plan… but hopefully that is a rare enough scenario that it can be handled separately.


Thank you that you fully understand my thoughts and wish.
Below, another person mentioned of price for adding DATA…

I simply think, why not as a kind service for users here, charge $10 for 1GB.
Then, I pay once for 1GB, twice for 2GB… so simple and users will more like Republic Wireless.

As you mentioned, making one change plan and revert it seems to be business tactic wishing the user to forget to revert to old affordable so that one charges more by mistake.

Anyway, I enjoy the service, that meets my need.



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