DATA purchase not processing 12-15-21

What phone do you have? note 2o ultra

What plan are you on? 3.0

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? yes

Issue Description

Purchased data is not available, still pending after 20 minutes. Apparently this has been an issue on the service since yesterday? Please advise as to outlook on this issue. If this cannot be resolved timely then in light of the new plans I will be forced after ten years to move on from RW.

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Hi @cb1,

What’s on Republic’s status page is all we have and all Republic’s agents would have:

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This is still an issue. When you tap “Add 1 GB of data now”, it says it’s still processing the previous purchase. Thankfully I have data again since my billing cycle has come around, but I’m worried I’ll run out of data and doing my best to conserve it since it’s all I’ll have for this new billing cycle.

Some folks had a data purchase get stuck with support has to manually clear. It appears that you’re in that camp. Open a ticket with support to get their assistance in clearing it out to resolve the issue.

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Thanks for opening a ticket @robertds.

@louisdi, if you’re seeing other examples of this regularly, please make sure I’m aware of them.

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My ticket has been open for a week now and I’ve had no results yet other than “don’t reply to this ticket or it will de-escalate it”.

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Hi @robertds,

Thanks for letting me know, and I’m sorry the agent’s reply left you feeling you were not to respond further. I’ve let her (and her team lead) know it’s okay and appropriate for members to ask about the status of their escalated tickets!

I’m not sure why engineering has not yet addressed your ticket. I’ve doubled down on the escalation in the ticket, and I’ve fired off an e-mail to the entire engineering team to remind them you are still in need of their attention.

There are a couple of different issues affecting data availability. Two of the problems are something I can quickly fix. The third, and the one you’re seeing, does require an engineer to resolve. I’m sorry I am not able to just fix it for you. Once it is resolved and we’ll get some data added to your account at no cost to you.