Data Purchase Not Processing

I purchased an additional 1GB of data after my 3GB + 3 previous 1GB purchases ran out. The transaction has been stuck on “Pending Data Purchase” for several hours now, so I am without cell service unfortunately… any ideas as to why the transaction is not processing?

Edit: The phone is a Moto G Stylus (2021) with 3GB MyChoice data plan

Hi @brian.2013 and welcome to the Community!

i’m afraid you’re being impacted by an issue noted on Republic’s status page here:

Please don’t attempt to further submit requests. Doing so will create duplicate orders.


Thanks for the information, I’ll keep an eye on that status page.

Hi @brian.2013,

You’re most welcome! I do note, however, you say you are without cell service. Does that include talk & text?

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That was my mistake… I just tested the phone again and talk and text is working, just other services such as web browsing are not working. Thanks.

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Thank you for the clarification!

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