Data Purchase question

I currently have the $10 plan with unlimited voice, text and wifi data and no cell data.

My plan no longer exists and has been replaced with the same plan at $15 but I am still on the $10 plan.

My questions: (1) can I purchase a block of cell data rather than changing plans where I can keep my $10 plan and just purchase data when I want?

(2) If I do purchase a block of data - will I keep it for as long as it takes to use it all or does it have an expiration date?

(3) Right now I don’t have any cell data but as I understand it, my phone is using some cell data for making calls, etc. How much of my purchased cell data would be used each month for these system activities? I don’t see a reason to purchase data just to have it eaten away at a high rate for these purposes.

Thanks for any info.


there are 2 types of plans that had the $10 plans on legacy phones

Republic Wireless 1.0 & Beta Plans (unlimited Cell Talk and Text) (here there no one time purchase you either pay to have access to data ($15 extra for 3G networks/$30 extra for 4G networks)


Republic Wireless Plans 2.0: Republic Refund where one can do a 1 time purchase or sign up for a monthly auto purchase of data and any unused data would be refund at same rate

to go from 1.0 to 2.0 needs to happen at your billing date

only 3.0 phones can use the 3.0 plans Our Most Affordable Plans at $15/month, with Unlimited Talk & Text | Republic Wireless, here the data tier you buy access to is a use it or lose it

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