Data question/ music?

So since I want to save money. When I’m walking I like to listen to music but I can’t because I’ll use cell data. Anyone know of what I can do to listen to music and not waste all my data???

It would be nice to know what phone & plan you have. Most people download their music to the phone memory or if the phone has a memory card to download the music from a computer to the memory card then reinstall the card into the phone. No data used for music again.
Here is a huge list of free players to look over and download.
Free Music player apps
I hope this info helps you in you music listening!


Hi @ashleye.yykzkw

Some phones include a built-in radio so you can listen to music that way. The phone will use the wires from headphones as the antenna so you will also need headphones or earbuds.

Which model phone do you have?

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As @johnny5 said, use the built-in FM radio. You can also subscribe to Google Play Music and use it in offline mode. Most other music services also have an offline mode.

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I really enjoy listening to music when I work out or run. I’ve found that pre-downloading my songs before I head to the gym, really helps me save cell data usage. Like @cbwahlstrom mentioned, there are apps that allow you to select “download for later” or “play offline”, which will do just that.

I also enjoy a good podcast. There are 1000’s of free podcasts that span all sorts of topics. I’ve found that I have way more podcasts available than I have time to listen too! But that’s fine with me. :grin:


I personally subscribe to Google Play. Download music & podcasts to listen to in car (which unfortunately I spend hours in due to job). Use no data, great saver. The money I spend for Play every month worth it in data savings.

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I have the Moto G
So I drag/drop mp3 files to the “music” folder.
Under google play I see the files but can’t get them to play ??

Any ideas ?

There are several other good music players at the Play store.

The google play should work though , correct ?

Check your local library. They may allow you to use Hoopla with your library card, where you can download music to your phone for the lending period.

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If you are an Amazon Prime customer, you might want to see what they offer too.

If you have a few thrift stores, used CD shop, or a Half Price Books store located around you, you might stop and check to see if they have any CD’s of interest to you.

You can then rip the CD to a flac format using a computer and then download the file you just made of the music to your phone.

I’m not sure why you are replying to me. But my comments are directed to Ashleye.

Doesn’t David have his own thread on the Google issue?


Did you get your Play Music working with your files?

Checked my phones today and was easily able to use the Play Music menu to the left of Listen Now and selected My Library.

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I have tried everything.

I didn’t get the files from Amazon, Itunes etc… these are files I copied from my desktop.
They are mp3, some from youtube, some are lectures that I’ve had…

So maybe is is a format thing, or because they didn’t come from Itunes etc…

Try putting the files in your “Downloads” folder. If that doesn’t work, disable the Google Play Music app (Settings > Apps > Google Play Music, Disable), reboot, and re-enable.

If you happen to use Spotify or would be interested in trying it, you can download most of your playlists onto your phone to then listen to music without needing cell data or an internet connection. :smiley::musical_note:

In google play music you can switch on the download only option. It is in the menu on the left. See if you can find your music that way. I know if I do not have this option on, everything in the app gets a little wonky at times.

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