Data speed during GenCon (large venues)

So, I was at GenCon this weekend, so a lot of people were there, likely most of them with cell phones using data in some manner or fashion. A few on the vendors there wanted me to access a website, but my data was pretty much unusable while at the convention center. I was there with some friends and their data seemed to be working fine and people at the booth didn’t seem to have many problem going to the websites and downloading certain apps at vendor booths. So, I’m wondering if other people have experienced extreme slow downs at big events like this (such as sports events, concerts, or other large venues). Is there anything that I can do to increase my data speed or is this what I get for only paying $20/month?

Data speeds or lack there of don’t have anything to do with the plan you are on and were more than likely the slow down was caused by an overtaxed cell phone tower. I live in the St. Louis area and up until this season when I went to Cardinals games data speeds were slow. Then the network improved because the underlying carrier increased capacity on the towers in the area.

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