Data Tools button missing from RW app home screen after update


I just updated the RW app and discovered that the Data Tools button that I regularly use is now missing from the RW home screen. Instead, there are now 2 buttons (Manage my Data, and Add 1GB data now) that require login. Furthermore, it seems that these two buttons do the same thing after login–let you purchase data. And if you save your username and PW after using one of the logins, you still have to re-enter it for the other button.

I now have to click the settings icon to find Data Tools. I turn Data Freeze off and on several times a day and would prefer that switch to appear prominently on the RW home screen. Now we have two buttons on the home screen to purchase more data, and are missing the one that helps reduce the need to purchase more data.


Hi @davidw.ctd2jy,

Thanks for the feedback. I will pass it along. What would you think of a “Data freeze” widget? (No promises, just wondering!)


A “Data Freeze” widget would be wonderful. Most of the time I stay on Wi-Fi, and Data Freeze gives me good peace of mind regarding my monthly data consumption. But when I need cellular data, I usually need it in a hurry and don’t want to put on my reading glasses and be navigating menus just to switch it on.


Thanks. I’ll pin this topic for a week, and ask that anyone else who would find a “Data freeze widget” useful please reply or “like”. Examples of why it would be useful - like wanting quicker access without pulling out the reading glasses, will be helpful, too!



I Always wanted a data control (Cell data off/Data Freeze) Widget since the introduction of the 2.0 plans
It would save steps in turning the feature on/off

Previously one had to

  1. open the app :rw_3:
  2. tap data controls (tools)
  3. turn on/off the feature
  4. exit the app

now one has to

  1. open the app :rw_3:
  2. go to the setting tab :settingsicon:
  3. go to data tools
  4. turn on/off the feature
  5. exit the app

if there was a widget on a home screen all it would take is

  1. turn on/off the feature


I have seen other apps that have a quick action that is accessible from the quick settings shade. I would vote being able to add a data freeze widget there.


Add data freeze as a long press option on the Republic app.

  • I like your OR suggestion "Add data freeze as a long press option on the Republic app"
    • Major advantage: Users would not need to learn how to add/manipulate a Widget
    • Could also be less development cost to implement


I like this idea as well. I think (but may well be wrong) the option is limited to Android 7.1.1 or later.


From my Moto X Pure 7.0 … Long press from RW Notification


Whatever happened to the “Data Stretch (Coming soon)” option…that’s what we really need…so that we don’t have to keep toggling “Data Freeze”


What happens when you long press the app icon? The notification usually always have some settings option when long pressed.


In my experience, it depends upon which flavor of Android (version and manufacturer’s implementation) one is referencing. On a Pixel 2 XL running Android 9 Pie, I get only App Info. The same is true on a Moto G6 Play running Oreo (8.0.0). A 2018 Samsung Galaxy J7 (also running Oreo (8.0) but with Samsung Experience version 9) produces Select Items and Remove from Home (neither of which are app specific). A Samsung Galaxy S6 running Nougat (7.0) but with no Samsung Experience version referenced) produces Sleep, Uninstall and App Info (again none of which are app specific functions).

An app coded to do so (Slack for example) produces app specific functions on a variety of household Androids running 7.1.1 and up but not 7.0 and below. I, too, would like to see the Republic app take advantage of the ability to provide app specific functions by long-pressing the app’s icon, however, I do believe the functionality will be limited to devices running 7.1.1 and up.


Yeah I understand that different Android skins can modify the experience. I was asking since that screen shot is showing what happens in the notification shade which is not something I was suggesting. The long press icon function is very under utilized in the Android software. A lot of developers just do not use it, and many users did not know it was a thing.

If the app developer doesn’t use it you will only have the options of edit or app info. The apps that have used it like, Starbucks, Twitter, and Most Google apps, have done a terrific job of incorporating useful quick commands. I think it could be a useful area to incorporate this quick action for data saver (or data stretch if that ever happens) even if it only works for users on 7.1 or higher. The majority of the phones currently supported by RW are running this version or higher so most users would have access to the feature.


I would love to have a widget I can put on my home screen for this. I love having data freeze as an option, but frequently turn it on, then 10 minutes later, realize I need data again for something.


I also turn data on and off frequently and was frustrated to see the button move to another, deeper location. I’d guess that well over 95% of the time I open the app that’s the only thing I want to do (turn data on or off), so it’s frustrating that it’s buried.
There are a lot of possible solutions. A widget would be spectacular - I wouldn’t even need to open the app! Having the switch right on the tab that has multiple bars - maybe right below the circle with the remaining data and the thumbs up symbol would be great as well. Putting it on the Cell data section of the app (the screen you get to after you click “See where your data is going” wouldn’t be ideal but would be better than under the gear tab. But really anywhere would be better than under the gear tab!


Yes, please! People have been asking for a “1-click” (or 2 at most) way of turning data on and off since the early days of Republic 2.0.

I was not happy at all to see the latest change in the RW app, which makes it even harder to get to the data freeze.


Yes I just bought data for the first time and don’t want to use it unless I have to. This would be perfect!!!


Yes To Data widget. Long overdue


I use the Power Toggles widget app to give quick access to the cellular data setting from the home screen. It is free and does not use ads. You customize the widget to add quick access buttons to almost any setting you want.

In the image below I have circled the cellular data access button I added. Power Toggles calls it the GPRS (Mobile Data) toggle.

If you touch it, you will be taken to the cellular data screen that RW also eventually takes you to. I have circled the toggle switch you would use to turn off/on the cellular data.

When you change the cellular data setting you will get a dialog box that asks you to confirm your choice. This makes the whole process take 3 clicks:

  1. Click on Power Toggle cellular data button
  2. Turn on/off cellular data setting
  3. Confirm your action

I am not sure if you will view this as as good as the “Data freeze widget” you have asked for or not, but I hope it helps.