Data Tools button missing from RW app home screen after update


The issue is Republic uses cell data for call setup and all text so if one disables the cell data via the system calls may not go though and text will not work [Republic does not count the data it uses against any purchase amount of data]
One should always leave cell data and roaming data enable in the Android Settings and only disable via the data freeze option


I also use the data freeze option several times daily. A widget on my home screen would be marvelous!!


@southpaw, just curious if there has been any further internal discussion on this topic, of providing a more accessible “Data Freeze” function access, such as a widget. I know you didn’t get all that many responses, but you can see that those who did respond feel strongly about it. While I’m sure some people never use this option (although it seems like data usage could get away from you very easily), I believe there are probably many people like me, who keep their data “frozen” until such time as they intentionally want to use it, and turn it off again when they’re done. Perhaps those of us who came up through Republic 2.0 (and of course, those who are still on it) are more attuned to that kind of usage model. And I think that’s still in line with the Republic “ethos”.

But the latest app update went in the wrong direction, making that function more difficult to access (or even find). Besides having the ability to turn data on and off with a single click (or at most, two), it would also be nice to have a more prominent indication of the freeze status. Yes, I do realize the “key” icon at the top is an indicator (although other types of VPN usage also turn it on), but a nice, highly-visible red/green widget (one that I can see without putting on my glasses) would be so much more user-friendly.

Anyway, just thought I’d check in again to see if there was any further discussion.


Hi @flarewatcher,

Thanks for checking in! I’m afraid I don’t have any sort of update that would give you the delivery-promise you’re hoping for, but our developers are aware of this topic and there has been some internal conversation around the idea.

I hope others won’t be shy about chiming in here.


YES! Because I HAVE to have DATA FREEZE on when I’m over in the Philippines, or my phone gets totally messed up! I can’t even find Data Freeze now that I’ve done the update! HELP!


As far as I know, the Data Freeze and turning off cell data actually do something different. I HAD to use the data freeze to get my phone to perform correctly, not just turning off cell data. Am I wrong? Has that changed?


Hi @chrisk.t3iel2,

When you’re in the Philippines, you’ll want to be sure there’s a GSM SIM card in the phone and if you plan to use the phone on Wi-Fi, your best experience will be to put the phone in Airplane mode, then re-enable Wi-Fi. This will disable the cellular receiver.

For normal use in the US, the Data Freeze feature is still available in the Republic app.
Tap the settings gear :gear: and then Data tools to find the Data Freeze toggle.


I only use the phone on wifi in the Philippines so this sim works fine. I put the phone on airplane mode even before I left the US to prevent this problem, but that is not enough. On my Moto e4 I do not have the options you mentioned in settings.


Hi @chrisk.t3iel2,

What are you trying to accomplish that putting the phone in airplane mode with Wi-Fi enabled does not do?


Just to be clear @southpaw talking about the setting tab in the Republic app [open app and there will be tabs near the top {my data (:signal_strength:) phone info( :rw_3: ), help (:motohelp:) and settings (:settingsicon:)] it’s the settings tab that will have data controls that the data freeze is located at


@southpaw My original issue was that my phone would constantly search for signal even with airplane mode on the republic wireless app kept refreshing and refreshing and running and running and my phone was hot and the battery died very quickly. The only thing that stopped did was to turn on data freeze.


I don’t have a data option after clicking on the tools icon


Hi @chrisk.t3iel2,

I think it may be possible the “Data tools” options are not available if you don’t have a data plan. Could that be your situation?


Aha! You may be onto something there. But before my update, I WAS able to find Data Freeze while having no data plan. I think something changed in the latest update.


Of what use would data freeze be of to you with no data plan?


It was the only thing that stopped my Republic Wireless App from refreshing constantly, causing my battery to burn through fast and the phone to stay hot.


yeah… the mention of Data Stretch is completely removed from my RW app now. I want this feature.

when I first signed up RW was Unlimited for $18 a month. now we’re paying $5 a gig without Republic Refund, so if I need data at the end of the month I’m wasting $5.

throttle my data if you have to, but give us back the unlimited data or give us back Republic Refund.

at my job the WiFi is finicky, and to keep from chewing through all of my data I use the Freeze Data setting, but like others have said. shuffling through several menus to flip a Data Freeze switch is a pain.

I don’t want my phone to use cellular data for things like YouTube, but I don’t have the option to disable YouTube cellular data. I’ve only got the option to disable YouTube from using background cellular data.


There are a number of apps that can do this for you. I personally use this one: