Data usage info disappeared

I am on a legacy plan with data usage refund. I was able to see data usage every month per app, and enable/disable data for each app. When I looked at my data usage today, I noticed several problems:

(1) My settings for enable/disable changed although I never changed them. Many are now magically enabled although I disabled them before.
(2) Not all installed apps show in the app data usage screen any more.
(3) Monthly data usage shows zero for current and all visible previous months.
(4) Data usage shows zero for all apps that are still shown on the data usage screen.
I have not done any system update or anything since I saw the data usage feature working last time.

Customer support, please explain.

Hi @heikok.2rscg5,

Welcome to the member forums. Here it is mostly members helping members. If you need to reach out to support, please submit a help ticket.

You may be able to resolve this simply by resetting your Republic credentials. Do so by going to the dialer, as if making a call, and enter *#*#8647#*#* the screen should immediately clear. When it does, please restart the phone.

Does this resolve the issue?

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