Data usage mystery: Samsung phones with Android 10 show total data usage higher than sum of individual apps

i have used more data than usual this month. The bar graph on the RW app shows the app using the most data but it is only using about one third of the days total usage. All the other apps combined don’t even come close to the remaining usage. Any ideas on what is happening? I have a Samsung S10+.

Just to be clear…you have slid the black range markers to a single day within your bar graph…
and sorted the apps “High to Low” for data usage… and you are reporting that

  1. One app usage (marked by orange within the blue) is a third of the total usage
  2. However…the other apps for the same day added together is not accounting for the remaining
    usage for that particular day?

Is this issue unique to one particular day of data usage? Or do you notice this for multiple days?

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On one day out of 106.7MB used, 7.17 was for the largest user and the total of all other apps was 7.75MB. that is pretty representative of all days.

Hi @laneh,

This sounds like one where pictures (screenshots) would be worth the proverbial thousand words. If needed:

Any thoughts?

Hi @laneh - your second screenshot has me scratching my head? On my system, as I slide the black range marker the date changes on top of the marker and the data total changes.

This makes it easy to select a single day by sliding both markers. When I add up the data used by each app for the time selected (single day in this case) the total will normally be very close.

Not sure why, but it does not look like your data total changed as you selected the single day. At least that’s what it looks like by the screenshots you posted. Can’t tell about the dates at the top of the sliders since they are cutoff.

Do the dates at the top of the sliders change when you move the sliders? Does the total data change at all?

I’m running a Moto G6 and you have a Samsung S10+, but I would expect the RW app to display data usage the same way. Not trying to state the obvious, but am scratching my head…

Maybe another Member has seen this before and can jump in.

This is not making much sense… 7MB for the highest app and 7.8MB for the rest…yet the day’s total is 106MB?

Is your RW app updated to the latest version? Otherwise, I would recommend submitting a help ticket…especially if this discrepancy is going to cost you buying extra GB of data to shore you through the end of the billing cycle.

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Hi @laneh,

I see you did open a Help Ticket, and, as I suspected, our Help Team did not have much insight for you. We don’t store any sort of information on our servers about how you use the data you use, so this is not something agents would be able to answer.

I’m wondering, though, how the reporting you’re seeing in the RW app compares to the reporting shown in the Android settings menu. Does it show the same discrepancies or does the math work out more accurately there?

I’m also curious whether you’ve enabled RCS in the Messages app and are using it regularly?

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Hi @laneh,

Our team has investigated this matter further and our engineers have opened a bug ticket with Samsung. We are seeing this issue on Samsung phones on Android 10.

I’ve asked our Help Team to attach your ticket to Master Ticket # 1839181, which helps us track how many users are impacted by the bug, and provide updates to the entire group of affected members as a whole, once we do have updates to share.

Pinging @Ambassadors for situational awareness.


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