Data usage please help


How is it I can sit here at home on wifi and get notifications that my data is going from 90 to 100% used up? It does this every month.


Data usage notifications aren’t real-time so the answer in these situations is usually that the usage occurred hours earlier when you were out and about or not connected to wifi.


Have you isolated the spike in usage to any particular app? How is the quality of your WiFi connection? Do you have drops in the WiFi…where it might be going back to cellular and using up some of your cellular data?


No I haven’t. We have great connection. I just turned cellular data back on . Should I have that on or off?


I was literally home the entire day. I sprained my foot.


Sorry about your foot…take a look at your republic wireless app. There it should show you how to see per app data usage and by the day.


Thx! I will take a look.


How do I stop that removed application usage?


The android cellular data setting should always remain on. The cellular data setting in RW app
can be turned off if you don’t want to use cellular data for your apps.


26% of 1GB…or 260MB of Google Play Store data…likely means that you have your apps set up to up to auto-update on both wifi and cellular. So that would be the first thing to fix. Go to your play store settings…and make sure you are only updating apps while in WiFi.


K checking now


I found it thank you so much!!! Now how about the removed apps???


You’re welcome.

Removed applications indicates any apps that you might have uninstalled within the current billing cycle.


Did you zoom in for the day yesterday in your republic wireless app and check which apps used data during the day. If you were on WiFi all that time and your phone was still using Cellular data…there must be some issue with your WiFi’s internet connectivity…or your phone’s ability to hold on to the WiFi connection.

Also, check when the Youtube usage is being reported (on what day)…and see if that is consistent with when you were on Cellular Data or connected to WiFi.


You should always leave data on in the Phone Settings for RW service to work properly. You can enable Data Freeze in the RW app when you want to prevent inadvertent data use.



I just to the ussge and turned off the ability to use cellular data firost apps.Screenshot_20180825-153448|281x500


I meant I just turned cellular data usage off for most apps. It’s on the usage page.


If you switched off

Settings -> Data Usage -> Cellular Data
then please turn it back on as it is required for normal functioning of your phone. The RW App requires access to cellular data, this does not count towards your data usage.

The proper way to turn off access to cellular data for your apps is to go to your RW App
Settings -> Data Freeze -> Enable
as noted by @PlaneTherapist above.


Yikes ok


We still need to figure out what is causing your phone to use cellular data when you are on WiFi.
What happens if you go to WiFi settings…does it say something like
“Connected, No Internet” ?