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I live in area where the best ISP is .74 unlimited or 12mbs. or now 25mbs The Mobile Hot Spots I am reading about are much better can the data plans at Republic handle this all I have heard is 30 $60 deal for 10 Gbs. I have a phone here is there a discount. I know another service for $79 that is unlimited.just streaming movies, do not want to pay for more than I need but does this company offer the capabilities to handle this type of business I do mean I like my telephone service and would prefer to be here if not I can get data somewhere else.

Republic is a Wi-Fi first company…to that end… any cellular data that you buy from RW is probably not going to be cost competitive compared to other options you might find elsewhere.

Assuming your existing service is on a My Choice plan…then the data over there is $5/GB and you can buy it in 1GB increments…with all unused data expiring at the end of the billing cycle.

The Data SIM offering is a separate offering from RW that offers 10GB for a current sale price of $30. The 10GB is available for 30 days from activation. It is a single use Data SIM…if you need this on an on-going basis…you will need to keep buying additional SIM cards. This has nothing to do with your current plan with RW…and so there is no
additional discount for existing members to buy the data SIM.

I recommend taking a look at this document for useful info about the Data SIM product

The SIM card cost $30 this month, what does it cost next month $60???

We don’t know when the price will change. It was announced that the $30 price is a sale price but with no specific end date when it will move to the “full” price. It may never, or it could be tomorrow.

This is all new to me, would like to be able to automatically renew SIM card, I am retired and get a check every month could they take the money out and send it to me every month??? And when will they up the price. still shopping, this is where I get my phone and I am very happy with that situation.

Hi @tome.absasi,

We appreciate your interest in letting Republic Wireless be your one-stop-shop for your phone and internet needs.

At this time, we don’t have the information you’re asking for. We don’t have a date to announce when the data SIM card’s price will change, we definitely do not have a way to charge you monthly and send you a new one, and we don’t offer a data SIM card that automatically renews.

In short, we don’t currently offer what you are shopping for, but we appreciate your interest in making your purchase with us.

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This is a very new service, and a very new way for this company to go. I live way out in the country and the best I can get is the 25 Mbs with another company this is faster and I think a good way for things to go in the future. Got into a big argument with Verizon Wireless in 2012 about using a hot spot. And now there is one that will do that. Maybe Republic will address this issue in the future. Thank you for your information and the time to dispense it.

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