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I am finishing up my first month with Republic. I thought I would be able ot keep my usage below 1GB, and it looks like I’ll do it easily. That said, I don’t like to see any data wasted because you never know when you night need some extra. This leads me to my question.

Does data usage accrue if the app notification says it is connected to cell, even if the phone indicates it is connected to wifi?

I have set just about every app possible to update or stream on wifi only. This includes app stores, music services, instagram and snapchat. Basically if I could find a setting to reduce mobile data, I used it. In spite of this, the one day my usage topped 100MB, the big users were apps that I KNOW should be using big data only on wifi. For example, that day my top 3 users were snapchat at 38%, samsung galaxy apps at 34% and amazon music at 9%. All of these are set to low data or wifi mode. I did check snapchat at work, but at work I am connected to a reliable wifi signal. About the only time I am without wifi is my short 4-mile commute to and from work, and I don’t generally use my drive time to manually update apps.

The attached screenshot shows a very common situation for me. The wifi icon at the top of the screen shows me connected to my office wifi, but the republic notification below says it is connected to cell. Below that you can see that my phone has been auto-updating apps in the background. Obviously google play thinks it is connected to wifi so it’s doing its thing, but I wonder if this data is counting against my data usage since the republic app says cell.

These aren’t brief encounters with xfinity hotspots as I drive down the road, these are solid, reliable wifi signals at my home or office. I and my phone both think we are connected to wifi in these locations so there are no filters on me or the phone to limit data usage. If the app is not in sync with the phone’s wifi status this concerns me greatly.

I would prefer to not have to shut off mobile data to conserve my data. Has anyone

Your screenshot indicates you are NOT connected to WiFi (Hollow Arc) but it does not include the notification strip at the top of the phone. Are you seeing a solid arc there?

This is what I see in my S7’s pull-down notification panel:

This is what I see on my notification strip:

Unfortunately the 3.0 Republic app doesn’t display the detailed connection status we were accustomed to seeing in the 2.0 Republic app.

I guess the screenshot was not clear. I should have added some notations. The phone’s wifi icon at the top of my screenshot shows it connected to my wifi at work. This is a system that I know works, no captive portal or anything, and has good coverage within the building. My concern is that even though the phone IS connected to wifi, Republic IS NOT.

I’m concerned that my apps are getting wifi status from the phone and downloading, while Republic is counting the data since it thinks it is connected to the cell network.

Your billable data usage is displayed by the Republic app. It is possible to be connected to WiFi but not be able to make calls over that WiFi network. It is also possible to be connected to WiFi and not have a data stream. My phone is on the $20.00 plan and I have 4 days remaining in my billing cycle. As you can see I’ve got most of my billable data remaining. I miss the Republic Refund plan.

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