Data Usage Rolls Over (accumulates) Each Month, Moto G5 Plus



Moto G5 Plus on My Choice + 1 GB plan.

On the first morning of a new billing cycle, Republic shows my data usage as being the total of usage from the previous month. This has happened for 4 months in a row.

Since my total (mostly bogus) usage as of yesterday evening was 1.2GB, when I woke up this morning and checked, my phone said that I had used 1.2GB of my 1.0GB plan overnight and that I had no data left.

I am absolutely sure that it is bogus accounting by Republic because my phone was on wi-fi for the first few times this happened, and this time it was in airplane mode.

I am tired of submitting a help ticket/ help ticket update each months.

Does anybody else have this sort of problem?

Have they found a solution other than changing carriers?


Hi @charlie_a,

We do see a limited number of members whose data does not refresh on the billing cycle date, something we believe is related to a global change one of our carrier partners is in the process of making in how accounts are managed.

If your tickets are being closed each month after you report this issue, please open one more ticket, describe the issue, and ask that your ticket be investigated to determine if it is part of master ticket 1494188, and if it is, that it not be closed until the issue is resolved in full.

Pinging @Ambassadors for situational awareness.


I have open ticket 1521641. Back in November I was told my ticket was added to a master ticket, but not given a number for the master ticket.

My latest communication with Republic (this morning) was a request for more info:
" Thank you for getting back to us and I’m sorry to hear that the issue has been persisting.

Looking up your account information, we do not see your data usage hitting anywhere near 1 GB. Could you provide us screenshots of where you’re seeing this data usage? Additionally, do you have any data limit settings set up on your phone? If so, please remove this feature, as this can affect your phone’s performance, including causing data issues.

We look forward to hearing back from you, Charles.

Thank you,

I’m tired of getting the runaround. I specifically asked for additional data to be added to my account, and instead I’m asked to provide a bunch more information and to take and forward screenshots.


It doesn’t sound like the run around. The rep is telling you that on the Republic end your data isn’t used and that therefore they’re trying to figure out what you’re seeing.

The most common error users make is looking at usage in the Android settings, rather than the Republic App. Are you seeing the data usage in the Republic App?


Yes. The Republic app graphic shows 1.2GB usage. When I get details by tapping on “see where your data is going”, the first line is 1178.41 MB, 0 minutes use, “Other Data”. The next highest item is “Key Chain” at 0.05MB 0 minutes usage.


I have taken the screenshots and sent them into my help ticket. When I go out later this morning I’ll just buy another GB of data so I can use my phone if Republic hasn’t added data by that time.


This has happened a couple of times to me. After submitting a ticket and screen grabs of the RW usage screens (which never showed any app using all of the data) I have started using the Data Freeze feature most of the time. This has stopped the “unknown” data drain when on Wi-Fi. However, I have one app which uses the cellular data when on Wi-Fi (Amazon’s Cloud Cam app which monitors my security cameras.) The only way I can use this app and NOT use cellular data is to go into the Airplane mode and then turn on Wi-Fi, and it will then use Wi-Fi. Otherwise, it will use up an entire 1GB in less than 2 hours. Then it continues to work, but only on Wi-Fi. I suspect there’s other apps that do this, but I haven’t found them. Nor have I found the culprit that uses data as an “unknown” source that doesn’t show up in the accounting.

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