Data usage spike ("Other data")

On the first day of this billing cycle, the Republic app reports that 721 MB of data were used by “Other data” on my Moto X4. The Android data usage shows only 47 MB used so far this billing period. I suspect that this large usage reported by the Republic app is incorrect, as I have never used even close to that much data in a day. I put Data Freeze on to make sure I don’t run through my monthly data, but I am concerned about this apparent glitch in data metering by Republic.

Here is the Republic Help article that explains what you are seeing

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Thanks for the reply and suggestions @jben. I followed the instructions to reset my phone’s activation, but the data usage spike attributed to “Other data” on the first day of my billing cycle is still present.

I am not sure of the meaning of the final sentence

If this erroneous reporting continues to impact your available data when your billing cycle renews, open a Help Ticket.

  • I would take their advice and open a Ticket for clarification
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