Data Usage suddenly out of control


I generally uyse very little cell data. All of a sudden I used a ton of dat last mont and my 1G in like two days this month. How do i figure out what is running that is chewing up data?


How you find out what is eating up data may depend on the version of Android your phone is running. Generally, the Battery section of the Android settings with will show some indication of usage percentages by app. But, for better information, you’ll probably want to visit Settings > Data Usage (Nougut). It shows, in order of usage, apps that have used data and how much they used since the beginning of the billing cycle.


Thanks, I figured it out. I had downloaded two apps for use on a long car trip, TED Talk and another to download Moth Radio etc. I then downloaded a bunch of stuff while on a Wi Fi network so no no data usage. Unfortunately, unbeknownst to me, as soon as I started using them they began downloading data while I was driving. So, in 13 hours, they chewed through my 1 gig plus an additional gig Republic gave me so now I am basically screwed until the cycle repeats in a few weeks since it appears that Republic will not let me buy an additional gig for this month which is pretty shitty on their part IMHO.

For the last 10 years or so (I was a Republic early adopter) I have never before used even close to 1 gig/mo. I am very careful to only download stuff on Wi Fi. I have since uninstalled the above noted crap apps.

Is there an app that would allow me to download podcasts for later listening that will not download using cell data?


What phone do you have… which OS version? You may be able to restrict background data usage via Settings > Data Usage > Cellular data usage. I wouldn’t be too zealous about using those settings. But, once installed, you might be able to restrict background mobile data usage.


I subscribe to Google Play, $9.99 month- since I’m in a car 4 hrs a day, I download any music or podcasts via WiFi at home, play back in car, no data used. For me the $9.99 a month cheaper than all the data I would use streaming basically 4 hrs a day…


Seems like a good trade-off.


I had a similar experience with my Moto Z play. I recently tapped out almost 2 gigs of data, apparently due to podcast downloads. I checked the setting on my podcast app (pocket casts), and it is only set to download podcasts on unmetered WiFi. How could it have used this much data?


Wish we could retrieve data logs the same way we can retrieve our calls logs. That would give us a great deal of feedback on how we use our data and what apps are working the background that we might not be aware of. It seems like this would not a difficult feature to implement.


I can see on my data usage graph (in the Republic app) that I used 60 per cent of my data on podcast. I simply don’t understand how I could do that (that’s a lot of podcast download!), or why the system would let me do that, when it was set to download on wifi-only.
I’m going to eat it this time, but if it happens again, I’m going to want answers!


You may want to use a third party firewall app such as this one to have a more direct control over cellular data access…than
rely on your app to do the right thing.

One thing worth looking at would be
Check the android system reporting of data…and see if the podcast data usage matches that reported by RW app.


Unless this is you posting to Reddit, there is at least one other user experiencing this:

Here is what Pocket Casts says regarding cellular data usage:


No, that’s not me on reddit, but is exactly the problem I also experienced. Thanks for that.


Checked in “Settings, Data use”. It confirms the amount of data was used, but I don’t find a breakdown as to what app used it.


I am describing menus based on my Moto X Pure…so menus could be slightly different on your phone…but if you tap on Cellular Data Usage…it should show you the data usage by app…be sure to set the billing cycle to line up with your RW billing cycle.


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