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Hi, I’m rehabbing a house in Nevada and don’t have internet setup. I’m using my phone for Bluetooth tethering so I can use my iPad. I’ve gone thru the max 15 GB per month allowed in 12 days. I don’t mind paying for more (leave in a week) but it won’t let me. Is there something else I can buy that will give me more data? Really don’t understand why they cap it…it’s my money, I’m an adult and I need more of the product they’re selling but I’m not allowed to buy any more. Any help would be much appreciated.

Hi @raymondm.jwl9sm,

I’m afraid the 15 GB is a hard cap with no convenient way around it. If the iPad is cellular enabled, this may be of interest: New from Republic Wireless: A data-only SIM card.

I’m afraid it’s not. Not sure what else to do except switch phone companies which I don’t want o do bu might have to.

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If you expect the need for more than 15 GB of cell data a month to be ongoing, that’s certainly an option. I’ll throw out another possibility; that being pairing a mobile hotspot device with the previously referenced Republic data only SIM. You’d then use the hotspot rather than your phone to feed the iPad. Some ideas here: Supported Radio Frequencies (Bands) for Republic's New Data Only SIM.

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