Data Usage Warning sign

How do I get rid of the Data usage Warning sign in located in the upper left hand corner of my phone?

Hi @susanh.tl7q0f,

I’m sorry no one offered an answer to your question. If you still have this sign displayed, could you share a screenshot with us?

Most notifications at the top left corner of the screen reveal more information if you touch the top of the screen with one finger and drag your finger down the screen, pulling open the “notifications drawer.” You can often dismiss these notifications by swiping them away from that view or by tapping them to open the app that is notifying you.

When you tap on the data usage warning…you will be taken to the “Data Usage” screen

You can press and drag the grey horizontal line marked " warning"

You can slide it up and down to a suitable value.

The warning usually pops up when this is set too low. For example if you are on a 1GB plan

and if the warning is set to 100MB you will hit that level early on in your billing cycle and will

continue to see it until the beginning of your next billing cycle.

The other common reason why you might see a Data Usage warning is your billing cycle

is not in sync with the Data usage page.

Tap on the little down arrow next to date range above the data usage graph

Tap on “Change Cycle”

Update the Usage cycle reset data to the appropriate value to bring it in sync with your

billing cycle.

Just to add, it’s important to keep the “set cellular data limit” option toggled OFF. Otherwise, cell calling and messaging will not work properly if you reach the limit.

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