Data usage while driving

I want to access my Amazon Unlimited Music app on my cell when I am driving. Will this utilize alot of data? I have a 2019 Rogue. I have My Choice + 1GB plan…

Streaming music uses a decent about of data. Amazon generally uses 320kbps streams. That means for each minute of music you’re using 320000*60/8 or 2,400,000 bytes (2.4MB) per minute of music. That puts you at about 427 minutes or about 7 hours of music streaming per GB of data purchased.


On top of this Amazon offers a data saving option, as well as selecting audio quality.

You can lower data usage by quite a bit if you are willing to lower the audio quality a bit.

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Hi @bobw.06u814

Amazon does also offer the ability to download your music to your phone while it’s connected to WiFi. You can then play it back while you are out and about. Here’s a link to the instructions for that:


Perfect. Thnaks

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