Data usage?

How can my cell data usage go from 75% to 100% when I am at home connected to my own wifi network???

Data usage is such a pain sometimes. To directly answer your question, if you were connected to WiFi, you shouldn’t be using cell data.

Speaking from my own experience, where I encounter poor WiFi sometimes and shut it off to use the more reliable cell data (again only sometimes) here are some general suggestions.

First, if you want to force WiFi only, you can turn on Airplane mode (which disables cell and WiFi) then re-enable WiFi. Keep in mind you’ll have no cell if you leave WiFi without shutting airplane mode off.

Second, there’s likely an option (at least for the Motorola’s) to set both cell data notifications (alert me when I reach x data used) or hard-stop cell data limits (which you can change arbitrarily). I regularly raise this limit 50-100MB at a time, to keep me from getting crazy carried away on YouTube or Twitter.

Just a couple tips. Hope they help.

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