Data usage

a little while back, while in the process of getting a new Moto G4, Republic had a list of the things you could do on 1 GB of data.

i would like to see again , as i cant seem to find anywhere.

Also to see where they come up with the numbers?

My phone seems to use data fast, not streaming music or videos, just email, etc , common things

Hi @karenf.xe3s85!

I believe this is the blog article you’re talking about: . I would recommend checking in the Data portion of the Republic app to see what is using up your data. There could be an app in the background using a lot of it. Hope that helps!


You may be interested in a no root firewall to help you control your data usage. How To: Block Individual Apps on Your Android from Accessing The Internet (No Root)

You can also set up your phone to maximize WiFi usage for data. Optimize Apps for WiFi

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