Data use of apps doesn't even make up 50% of what I've s'posedly used this month... What gives?

Google Pixel 4a
Current Plan is My Choice +1GB
Plan includes data

So this month it feels like I am eating a lot of data. But here’s the funny thing.
I go into the RW app and it tells me I’ve used 1.2GB
So I click “see where your data is going…”
I added up all the apps using data and it came to about 500MB.
Where did my other 700MB go?

This is a newer to me phone. But I’ve had it a couple months and didn’t notice this last month or the month before…

Hi @bobbiec1,

Please review the Android data information available in the Settings app to see your data usage. Changes in recent Android updates have limited the information the Republic app can access about how other apps are using your data.

Yup. There is my “missing” data. Thanks for the help!

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