Data used up even on wifi


My Moto X4 uses data while on wifi at my house. It uses it all up! I hardly ever use data when I am out, which is a good thing because there isn’t any left! The advantage to RW is supposed to be that we DON’T use data while on wifi. Not true. I even have Data Saver on. I finally had to uninstall Instagram, which seems ridiculous. But still - it uses all my data - while on wifi. Any help for this?


First, just for clarity’s sake, Republic’s service doesn’t work differently than any other regarding using data on wifi. When a cell phone is connected to wifi, it should not be using data. What often happens is that the wifi becomes unstable and the phone flips back and forth between wifi and cellular, using data.

The Instagram App is also well known for sucking down data. Even short times off of wifi can use tremendous amounts of data. A quick search (!QRLOOcTkXD5!thYRO*dx6SG3LFWRtzT1XUbauxUB31NSPDe1175bPF4dUjdBp7xQ6W5DXuRmO5bfyILHKo9jISgqm8&plvar=1&PC=HCTS) finds tons of articles about Instagram sucking down your data.

My recommendation, install a firewall app such as: and block cellular access from the offending apps.


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