Data was used up when phone was on home Wifi


What phone do you have? Moto X4

What plan are you on? 3.0 with 1gb

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?
Yes, 1gb

Issue Description

Last night I started receiving emails starting at 8pm that my data was running low (10% left, then 5 then 100% gone by 11pm
Thing is my daughter’s phone was connected to our home Wifi, the entire time. Checked the phone and even the Republic notification and Datally notification said connected to WiFi.

Our plan restarts tomorrow so she will only not have data for today but worried the same thing will happen. My other line on Moto E4 was unaffected


You may want to access the Republic Wireless app and see if you can establish what was using the Cell data

  • Republic App/My Data (the cell signal indicator) … then Tap the bar where it reports the ‘xx MB cell data used’
    • This will provide you a listing of apps and the amount of data they used. Then a Tap of any individual app report will show the usage within the graph by highlighting it in Orange


I did. And it was primarily YouTube but my daughter was watching the videos while on WiFi. Both the Republic app showed connected to WiFi as did Datally.

Got a canned response to my help ticket. Hoping the next reply is more helpful.


Ok, thanks for the feedback … this is something that you may want to consider checking out


I don’t know what happened, but it appears that for some reason the Motorola phone decided to use cellular data instead of Wi-Fi. Unfortunately, I’m not sure what Republic Wireless could do about it. They simply supply that cellular data when the phone demands it.

There are apps that work a little better than Datally (in my opinion) in allowing control of which apps are allowed to use cellular data, such as Netguard.


But I don’t think that is what happened. The last two emails I got saying that the line was at 5% left and then used 100% cell data occurred while the phone was charging and my daughter had already gone to bed. As soon as I got the email, I went to the phone and it showed i was connected to WiFi. How does all my data get used up by background in a couple of hours when it’s connected to WiFi plus I restrict data usage?

Something is fishy. I think the Republic app is misidentifying the wifi use as cellular use. I know that has happened to users on Google Fi


there is a delay from time of use to the time you get the email

I did a test a while back and burn through 1 GB of cell data. (this was a test)
I was able to burn all 1GB of cell data long before I got the 1st email telling me I had x amount left.
then <x amount left, then all gone…

IOW, youtube back end used all your data before you got the 1st email…
and then the RW emails had to catch up…


I have been able to confirm that at least one app on my Moto G5+ (Amazon Cloud Cam) uses cellular data while the phone is on Wi-Fi, and RW’s “Data Freeze” feature is active. It shouldn’t do that. The only solution I’ve found so far is to switch to the Airplane mode, and turn Wi-Fi back on. Then the app will use Wi-Fi. When I get closer to the end of the month, I will test by running out of cell data, and see if the app continues to use cell data (the RW whitelisted apps do) or if it magically switches to Wi-Fi.
Something is causing these high usage apps to slip under the VPN set by Datally and Data Freeze, and continue to use cell data when they shouldn’t.


As @TheDoctor points out above, there is a delay between usage and reporting

  • The carrier (T-Mobile or Sprint) provides the data, not Republic, so the usage has to be reconciled between the two (this is for billing to Republic and usage to us (the users). The reporting is not real time, and the time of delay can vary due to network and delays in processing on the carriers part.


But why now? This isn’t a new line nor a new phone and YouTube is definitely not a new app.

Could the service outage have affected the Republic app’s monitoring of data? I know Datally has been very good about informing us that we are using data and how much if we stream video or music.

I wish I got more helpful info help ticket. I guess we will see if this issue persists on the X4 when the data resets tomorrow. If data keeps leaking despite being on WiFi, that is going to be a big issue for us.


Well I think then the issue is why data is being used if the phone indicates that WiFi is connected?


Found the above thread that is unfortunately closed but I find it interesting that it’s the same phone- Moto x4 and also connected to WiFi and using data saver.

The Moto x4 got a software update the other day as well. Could that be causing an issue?


Funny question, was the data used up on the 30th of November? I have two Moto x’s that blew through a months worth of data on the 30th while on wifi sitting in my house. Just a thought, was that the day that had that service outage?


Hi @mdmills,

Your situation is a little different, especially if the Republic app is reporting that your data was consumed by “other” instead of a specific program. Please open a ticket and ask that your data loss be investigated as part of master ticket 1494188.


Hi @melissav.wzkpau,

I believe your situation is very similar to this still-open topic, though it is not necessary to post in two places. If you agree the situation is the same, I can merge this topic into the previous one to keep the conversation focused in one place. Data Freeze on. Phone used all data

YouTube is not a new app, but it is constantly being updated. I wonder if you would have the same experience if you were to roll back the updates.

It is definitely very possible that something changed in this update that now allows system apps like YouTube to consume cellular data even when such use is disabled.

@TheDoctor is correct that there is a delay between the use of data and the E-mail warning.

This use of cellular data when tools such as Data Freeze and Datally are enabled is a new issue our technicians are just beginning to troubleshoot. Your assistance in the discovery process could prove very helpful, but our agents do not have answers for this issue at this time. Please ask that your ticket be investigated as part of master ticket 1503619


Actually it was the evening of the 29th.


I have let Republic help know. Thanks


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