Date Night Ideas That Won't Break The Bank


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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and according to the National Retail Federation, adults across the U.S. plan on spending an average of over $160 this year1 on their sweeties. That’s over eight months of cell phone service on a Republic Wireless 1GB plan! Since 40% of you plan on celebrating the holiday this year with a loved one2, we wanted to share some of our favorite date night ideas that won’t blow your budget. We believe that you don’t need to spend an arm and a leg to show your love and appreciation for your spouses, partners, friends,…


Well, someones “date night” broke the bank… literally.

Recent Wells Fargo datacenter here in MN, during routine maintenance by technicians, caused a nation wide outage. I still have yet to gain access to my account or any ability to use my account or card.


My wife will celebrate off the holiday [Valentine’s due do busy time of year in scouting which we are involved in] this avoids surcharges some restaurants add to the date.

Another truck we do for other party dates is swap the theme example we go to a Mexican restaurant on St Patrick’s day and hit the Irish pub on Cinco de Mayo


@SpeedingCheetah What a nightmare for you! I hope that gets sorted out soon!


@drm186 Such clever ideas! Thank you for sharing!