Date when we can start using our RW phone no.s for dealing with institutions like Zelle and Wells Fargo?

My understanding is that, after the pending switchover, our RW phone no.s will no longer be treated as VOIP lines, and that we will be able to use them in dealing with co.s like Zelle and Wells Fargo, etc.
If so, it would be very helpful to know exactly when that becomes effective, for purposes of effectively conducting business with those co.s
Is there a date certain; if so, can we know exactly what that date is?
The workarounds previously suggested now longer seem to work; for example, Zelle and my bank blocked a recent remittance I intended for a family member, telling me using my email address is only accepted for setting up a Zelle account, and not for random confirmations of requested remittances.

Hi @nathans.muyejm,

There is no date certain. “Real” wireless numbers are a feature of forthcoming new plans. When those plans are available (early to mid December is the current target), one will need to switch to a new plan to gain this functionality. Numbers attached to My Choice, 1.0 and/or 2.0 Republic plans will remain VoIP.

For what it’s worth, I bank with Wells Fargo. Wells Fargo is willing to accept my Republic number as is for all things other than Zelle and that’s on Zelle rather than Wells Fargo.

I’m uncertain which workarounds that no longer work you refer to. There are alternative payment apps that accept Republic numbers as is. Google Pay is built into every Android phone. If one has a Samsung phone, Samsung Pay is an option. PayPal and Square’s Cash app work for me as well.

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Thanks, Roland. I guess I need to rephrase my question:
Is there a date certain on which I can switch to a new RW plan which will gain this functionality; and if so will RW transfer my existing number to the new plan?

I am glad that WF is willing to accept your RW no. A forgetful family member up in years who was blocked by RW for too many password attempts told her (and me) in a live call that if her phone doesn’t receive a code sent via SMS to get back in, there was nothing further they could do. I’d like not to repeat that frustration if an easier solution is only a week or two away. Do you know a suggested workaround for that?

No, there is not yet a date certain when new plans will be available. I’ll mention again the current target for new plan availability is early to mid December. Yes, I’m confident you will be able to transfer an existing Republic number to the new plans making it a “real” mobile number.

Perfectly understandable and I’m unable to address why Wells Fargo’s SMS messages aren’t reaching the phone in question. They now reach mine and Republic specifically worked to make that happen (not just for my number, Republic was able to convince Wells Fargo to accept its numbers).

Wells Fargo offers me a variety of ways to receive codes. Perhaps, one of the alternatives would work? This is what I’m presented with as options when signing into my Wells Fargo account online:

Screen Shot 2021-12-02 at 5.52.54 PM


Thank you so much for these very helpful suggestions!
Sure appreciate it.