Daughter lost her phone: Next Steps


My daughter’s phone was lost or stolen. We have ordered a new phone, but I want to deactivate the lost phone. We have gone to her Google account, tried to find the phone, set it to sound off with no luck. We then locked the phone via Google. Not clear if this has happened or not.

Can I deactivate the phone from Republic Wireless?


Tom A. / San Dimas, CA


If you cancel the phone before you activate the replacement you will lose the number, when the replacement is activated as a line replacement it will deactivate the old phone
If you don’t care about the number you can cancel via the account portal


I am probably the only one with this opinion. I lock private stuff with last pass (or similar). I leave the lock off. The person with the phone can use it, this doesn’t cost me. I can then look at the call list at my account. Not only got my phone back but got a criminal caught. win win.

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