Daughter's Moto Z dropped and will not turn on

My daughter dropped her Moto Z Play on a trip and it won’t turn on now. I think it’s dead and is probably easier to just buy a new one vs trying to repair. Repairs will cost the same as a new phone anyways.

Question: Which Republic phone will take her sim card since she has a lot of pics on there from the trip.

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Photos are not stored on the SIM card. Are you referring to a microSD card? Her photos may already be backed up as well. Have her check https://photos.google.com

Assuming you’re referring to a microSD card, depending on how she configured it, it may not be readable in other phones. Cards configured as “Adoptable” or “Internal Memory” work only in the phone they’re configured in.

If it can be read in another phone, you can look at the information here to see which phones have microSD slots: Detailed Supported Phone Features


Thanks. I’m not phone savvy, so it’s the microSD card. Not sure if she was using google photos, but i’ll ask.

Any thoughts on how to reset or try to get the phone to respond?

Try holding down the power button for up to a full two minutes.

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