De-Activated Moto E Receiving Text Messages


I have an old Moto E that we replaced with a newer phone from Republic. Our son uses it now over wifi to go to Youtube. This morning when we powered it on there are multiple text messages from multiple phone numbers dated within the past week. This phone has not been activated in over a year. The messages coming through are very inappropriate for a 12 year old boy. Has anyone had this issue and if so were you able to fix it?



This is definitely disturbing information. If you open the Republic Wireless App on your phone you should be able

to quickly determine if the phone has been activated. If it is not activated, it should show some message like “Activate now”…otherwise it should display the phone number with the plan description under it. If you suspect the phone has been activated in error, please submit a help ticket

If the phone isn’t activated, would it be possible that the messages you are receiving are in a different app and not necessarily coming through on the default Messaging app?



Thank you for the response. The phone is not activated. It was reset to factory settings before we gave it to him and the messages are coming through on the default messaging app.



Have you submitted a help ticket? Did you get any response from Republic?



Was anything ever resolved about this? I am having the same issue with my moto E - it was deactivated and powered off in a drawer until two days ago when I pulled it out to use for streaming music, and a handful of texts have come in since then - numbers I don’t recognize, parts of ongoing conversations. I suspect maybe ones aimed at the underlying number that used to be synced to this phone? I did a system reboot and it’s still happening.



Sounds to me like the phone still thinks that it has a number. If it is a CDMA phone you should be able to remove all network data (the phone thinking that it is a number) by dialing ##72786# The phone may reset a couple of times and may even try to hands free activate. Just wait, it may ask you if you want to set up an account just say no. Hope that this helps.

EDIT: Forgot to mention… Some apps are free and let you get texts without having cell phone service. Are there any texting apps on the phone that can use wifi instead of cellular networks? I would check for these if the above doesn’t work.


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