Deactivate old phone Moto g4 and transfer number to new phone

How do I deactivate my old Moto g4 phone?

Hi @ellens.vipini,

Before providing guidance, I wish to be certain we understand what you mean by deactivate the old Moto G4. Do you just wish to cancel its service? If so, are you OK with giving up the phone number?

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I asked the first question because I just set up my new Moto 5 phone and no where can I find out whether my one phone number was transferred. I figured I may need to deactivate the old old phone first. Is that the way it works?

The old number should have been transferred to the new phone during activation if you followed the instructions for activating a replacement phone:


Hi @ellens.vipini,

If uncertain whether your number transferred to the new phone, please open the Republic app on the new phone. Then, swipe once to the left. Do you see the phone number from your Moto G4? Or, do you see a new number?

OK. When I got to the page where it says transfer your phone number I hunted for an icon that said “OK”. Did not find one. assumed the process was automatic. So now i a) don’t don’t know if my old number transferred, and b) if it didn’t, i don’t know what my new number is, because there doesn’t seem to be a way to get this phone to tell me what the phone number is. Help!

Hi @ellens.vipini,

It would be best if you asked follow-up questions in the thread you created when first posting rather than creating a new thread for each follow-up. Please try the following:

Open the Republic app on the new phone
Swipe once to the left
You should see a phone number there. Is it the phone number from your Moto G4? Or, do you see a different (new) number?

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