Deactivate old phone

JUst upgraded to Moto G7 play and have it activated. HOw do I deactivate the old phone?

during the activation of the new phone you should have logged into your republic account and selected the line you wanted to replace (this will/would move the number to the new phone and deactivate the old phone)
did you activate as a new number?

yes, still receiving texts on old phone!

go to your account portal
do you see both phones there (or just the old phone or just new phone)
if you activated as a new line (number) and you want the old number you need to cancel(deactivate) the new phone and then reactivate as a line upgrade/replacement of the old line.
if you don’t care about the old number you can just cancel that line.

if you see only the new phone then you created a new account.

Only new phone appears…thanks for the help!

does the new phone have the old number?

if no then you created a new account and you will need to figure out the old account in order to get the number.

if yes then the old phone should be deactivated (if you were using Republic anywhere :anywhere: as your texting app it will still be getting text as anywhere can run on a deactivate phone

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