Deactivating Moto G3 after upgrading to Moto G4

I just upgraded to the Moto G 4gen and would like to deactivate my Moto G 3gen, I transferred my number to the new phone, now the 3gen no longer shows on my account. How do I deactivate the Moto G3gen?

If you transferred the phone number that was on the Moto G3rd gen over to the new Moto G4, that automatically deactivated the Moto G 3rd gen. You do not need to do anything further.

Going forward you G3 will work as a tablet when connected to WiFi. It looks like it is still activated because as a tablet it continues to fetch email. If you are going to give or sell it to someone else this is what you want to do:

  1. Remove any screen lock (PIN, Password, etc) before factory resetting it.

  2. Factory reset it.

  3. Do NOT remove the SIM card. It must stay with the phone and contains no private information.

  4. Advertise it as the Republic Wireless hybrid model that works on their outstanding Republic Refund plans.

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