Dead Moto E4 Dropped in water

I dropped my Moto E4 into the water and cannot bring it back to life. I packed it in rice for 24 hours. When I try to power up I get the “M” screen but then goes black and goes no further. I think I need a replacement. The phone is CDMA because I need Verizon roaming ability. I would like a recommendation for inexpensive replacement. I don’t need a high powered phone. Also, can I activate the replacement using my CDMA sim card from the old phone? (I have the GMA sim that came with the phone when purchased}?
Thanks, Jim

Hi @jimh.bmpdi6

I’m sorry about the swimming lesson for your phone :frowning:

CDMA SIM cards are customized for one specific device and cannot be moved between phones.

I have a Moto G Fast and like the phone. It is fast between apps and meets my needs… The phone is currently available in white in the Republic store. If you have any questions about the phone, please let me know.

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