Dead phone, bad sim card

My phone recently went for a swim (Pixel 4 XL) and I’m assuming that the sim card is toast as well (haven’t gotten the phone back from the shop yet). I have an old phone I can use temporarily (Pixel XL) until a newer one comes available that I want to purchase. My question:

How do I accomplish getting a sim card that basically duplicates what was in my dead phone, so I can simply pop it in my old phone and be on my way? I don’t want to have to deal with opening a new line and closing an old one if I can help it.

I hope this makes sense and I appreciate any ideas you may have. Thanks!

Hi @dathanc,

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When get your 4XL back and if indeed the SIM is toast here is how to tell what type of SIM it is:

If it’s a GSM you can order one here:

And if it’s a CDMA SIM you can get a replacement here:

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Hi @dathanc,

Thanks for posting your question in our Member Community. I’ve opened a Help Ticket on your behalf to take care of the replacement SIM card, and am awaiting your reply to the Help Ticket (not here) so I can get that order processed.

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All good to go here. Thanks for the assistance!

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