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my J3 samsung phone (which I got Early September 2016) is DEAD. It died while fully charged and sitting on the end table next to me on Sunday, Afternoon, January 1st. I cannot charge it, I cannot get connectivity with my laptop with the USB connected. It is a black screen with no life in it. I have important and personally valuable photos from Christmas on it and recent updated to contacts that i can’t duplicate anywhere - I have this phone linked to all my financials and … i’m sure you know the frustration and desperation i’m going through. I requested help in the Republic System and the response i got was to reset the phone with instructions, WELL i can’t do that, useless information, as the phone is dead, dead, dead and i said that in my request. I’ve send several updates to this request without responses from Republic. I’m wondering if anyone else lost their units on the 1st?? The Republic status report says everything in my phone is operating just fine - as of the last update 3 minutes ago. BUT everything is not working just fine. Republic has a voice mail on my line if anyone calls which states: “This number is not accepting calls at this time, leave a message at the beep.” Does anyone know what I can do about this mess? Any advice? Anyone else experiencing this black-out?

First, see if your photos are here:

Google Photos - All your photos organized and easy to find

Then, to factory reset a J3 that will not power up:

  1. Press and hold together: Volume Up + Home + Power key until you see Samsung logo.
  2. Then select from Recovery Mode menu “wipe data / factory reset” using Volume buttons to navigate and Power button to confirm.

If that doesn’t get the phone going again contact Samsung for an in-warranty repair.

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We should get the silly questions out of the way.

Have you tried another charging cord?

Have you slightly jiggled the plug while it is plugged into the phone to see if you see the charge light turn on as you jiggle it up or down?

I have an S7 and the battery does not come out, but if your battery is removable, try removing the battery and plugging it in, then putting the battery back in.

Have you tried to do a safe mode startup (probably not possible if you can’t turn it on but google the safe mode startup for the J3 and try it anyways)?

And the VM message that you’re hearing is the default if you haven’t recorded your own.


Those questions however silly they seem are probably the basic ones that fix phone problems. Always start at the basics and work forward.

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Thank you all for replies - i tried all the connection/ wiggling charger, etc. however,

BillG you had the solution 3 keys Home+Volume UP+Power - hold for a while.

finally the dead battery icon came up, and i plugged in the charger and it started

to charge. Finally charged and all my messages, e-mails, contacts and photos in

tact. Will synch with laptop tomorrow - thank you everyone.

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